Denver Commercial Exterior Lighting

  • Anywhere from 50 watt to 400 watt wall packs – 1 to 3 yrs
  • New LED wall packs – 56 watt replaces 200 watt wall pack – lasts 8 to 10 yrs

With over 30 years of experience in Denver and Colorado, we are a full service outdoor lighting solutions company for commercial and industrial applications. From design, to installation and maintenance:

  • We provide high output high performance area lighting for parking lots, parking garages, streets and driveways.
  • We provide lights for wall sconces architectural or utilitarian lighting applications.
  • Emergency egress lights.
  • Building entrances.
  • Flood lighting.
  • Sports lighting.
  • Outdoor emergency lighting.
  • Nighttime friendly outdoor lighting.

More about C and J’s Commercial and Industrial Lighting Services

The owner, Chuck Fedor, has been in the lighting business for over 30 years Chuck has been to 3 different certified lighting schools and taken over 30 professional ligthing classes. As a result, Chuck is a true expert in the area of commercial and industrial lighting.

If you have any questions, any needs regarding outdoor commercial and industrial lighting applications chuck with C and J Lighting can help you save 70 percent or more in energy and maintenance costs and assist you with getting rebates from Excel energy.

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