Fluorescent Lights


  • Fluorescent LightsLED light bulbs are available now to replace 4′ and 8′ fluorescent tubes that will use no ballast!
  • Convert your 4? 4-light T-12 lighting to 4? T-8 with an electronic ballast
  • Use color corrected full spectrum lamps
  • 25% more light, better see-ability, eliminate glare
  • Current 4-light T-12?s use 200 watts of energy (bulbs use 40 watts ea, 4 ea x 40 = 160w + 2 ballasts at 20 watts ea)
  • New T-8 uses 32 watts ea (4 x 32 = 128w) & ballasts uses 1-2 watts
  • Go from 200 watts per fixture per hour to 120 watts per fixture per hour!
  • Rebates from Xcel Energy users: $22 per fixture, approximately $25 per fixture per year off of energy bill.
  • The savings off of 20 fixtures could total $500 in savings per year!
  • On a 2 lamp fixture @ $12.50 per fixture – 2 year warranty on tubes and ballasts (T-8?s & electronic)

Lights Out for T12 Fluorescent Lamps!

As of July 1, 2010, a U.S. Department of Energy mandate states that the magnetic ballasts used in many T12 fixtures will no longer be produced for commercial and industrial applications. Also, many T12 lamps will be phased out of production beginning in July 2012. Now is the time to replace or retrofit your T12 fixtures with more energy-efficient technology, and C and J Lighting is here to help!

About the Phase-Out:

  • Approximately 30% of all fluorescent lamps sold in the United States are T12 technology.
  • Responding to new federal regulations on the energy efficiency of fluorescent lamp ballasts, manufacturers soon will phase out production of many T12s. As a result, nearly 70% of all T12 fluorescent lamps sold in the United States will be phased out by July 2012.
  • Businesses and commercial facilities that currently use certain T12 systems can expect the cost of remaining T12 products in the marketplace to increase in the near term, as lighting manufacturers turn their attention to producing more energy-efficient products, such as high performance T8 and T5 systems.
  • Lighting accounts for 30% to 60% of annual electric costs for most businesses, so upgrading to energy-efficient systems can help you save energy and money too.

Which T12 Lamps Are Affected?

  • T12 4-foot and T12 U-bend lamps with medium bi-pin bases
  • All 40W F40T12 and 34W F34T12 lamps except those with efficacy of 89 lumens per watt or greater (= 3,560 lumens @ 40W; 3,030 lumens @ 34W)
  • T12 8-foot Slimline with single pin bases
  • All 75W F96T12 lamps
  • All 60W F96T12/ES except for the 800 Series
  • T12 8-foot 800mA HO with RDC bases
  • All 110W F96T12 HO lamps
  • All 95W F96T12/ES/HO lamps

Upgrade and Save!

Now is the time to upgrade your facility’s old T12 lamps to an energy-efficient lighting system. Financial incentives are available that can help you save $15 to $65 per T12 fixture replaced or retrofitted in commercial and industrial facilities. For Small Business upgrades, incentives cover 80% of the total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are T12 fluorescent systems being phased out?

T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts are considered outdated compared to today’s T8 and T5 fluorescent technologies, which are far more energy efficient. The phase-out is the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) effort to remove less efficient T12 fluorescent systems from the marketplace and encourage commercial and industrial facilities to switch to more energyefficient and cost-saving lighting technologies.

Will some T12 lamp and ballast systems continue to be manufactured?

Yes. Manufacturers will continue to produce the following types of T12 products:

  • T12 ballasts designed to dim fixtures more than 50% of their full light output
  • T12 ballasts driving 8-foot, high-output fixtures designed for outdoor advertising
  • T12 ballasts designed and labeled for use in home applications

How much energy can I expect to save after upgrading?

Facility owners can choose from a variety of upgrade scenarios, which could result in energy savings as high as 45 percent, with payback on the investment in less than 2 years.

Why are these incentives on T12 upgrades only offered for a limited time?

Once the DOE mandate becomes effective, it will become common practice to remove less efficient T12 systems; therefore, retrofitting T12 systems will be the customer’s only option for maintaining their old, inefficient lighting system. These incentive programs will likely not support commercial and industrial T12 system retrofits in the future.

How do I get started?

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