What Are The Best LED Christmas Lights?

What Are The Best LED Christmas Lights?

Many modern Christmas displays feature light emitting diode lights as opposed to traditional incandescent lights. The reasons why LED Christmas lights are so popular include their durability, low energy requirement, lack of emitted heat and versatility. Though LED lights may seem to be a pricy investment upfront in comparison to other types of Christmas lights, their use during the holiday season contributes to a good deal of savings on overall electric costs. LED lights are available for purchase and installation in numerous colors, shapes and formations.

Best Sizes of LED Christmas Lights

Depending on their shape, LED lights for Christmas displays may be uncovered or designed with plastic covers in varying sizes. The best professional displays may be completed with LED lights in one or more of the following sizes:

–5-millimeter wide angle lights, which are particularly bright LED lights with no covers. This type of light is designed to distribute power evenly via a small wide-angle lens.

–3 millimeter domes, which are topped with light-refracting plastic covers. These covers are available with a pointed shape in sizes C5 (16 mm), C6 (19 mm), C7 (22 mm) and C9 (approximately 30 mm). G12 covers (12 mm) are round in shape while M5 covers (5 mm) are cylindrical and pointed. M5 lights are designed with the traditional ‘mini light’ look.

Best Styles of LED Christmas Lights

LED lights are wired and sold in various forms, allowing home and office owners to not only have their buildings lit but also any surrounding trees and greenery. The best LED Christmas light styles include the following, all of which are popular choices for creating eye-catching displays:

–String lights: These closely-spaced lights can be placed indoors on Christmas trees and mantles as well as outdoors on wreaths and outlines of buildings. String LED lights offer the familiarity of traditional Christmas lights while requiring only a fraction of the energy.

–Net lights: Arranged in a grid-like pattern, LED net lights provide an efficient way to make bushes sparkle with perfectly uniform Christmas bulbs. The ability to drape net lights over shrubbery allows professionals to decorate outdoor accent areas with ease.

–Rope lights: These LED lights, housed within vinyl cords, produce a soft yet colorful glow that enhances an outdoor Christmas scene. Rope lights can be wrapped around tree trunks, building exteriors or any place where other types of lighting may be impractical.

Best Specialized LED Lights

Professional decorators can also install LED lights with specialized features in outdoor Christmas displays. Examples of the best of these LEDs, which are certain to give any Christmas light display some extra flair, include:

–Solar lights, which are ideal for areas that receive a good deal of sunlight in the daytime. These LED lights only require power from the sun to work, so they are not only great to look at in the evenings but are also very energy-efficient.

–Novelty lights, which are available in Christmas-themed shapes such as snowflakes, ball ornaments and stars. These customized LED lights may also have twinkling capabilities or may feature morphing colors that produce exciting special effects.

Investing in high-quality LED lights for Christmas decorating is a wise decision for people who value up-to-date lighting technology with an eco-friendly design. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to arrange for beautiful light displays in the Christmas seasons to come.

About the author: Chuck Fedor