Commercial and Industrial LED lighting


Denver based C and J Lighting can help you with expert advice, design and installation.


By upgrading your business warehouse or office building to LED lighting, you may qualify for big rebates from Xcel Energy.

You will also lower your maintenance costs are our LED lighting can last for up to a decade.

For over 30 years, C and J Lighting has been providing cutting edge lighting services.

We pride ourselves on providing quality LED lighting that saves our clients and will save you money while improving the working and shopping environments for your employees and customers.

We are in the business of lighting commercial indoor and outdoor facilities with efficient LED lighting in many applications including offices, parking lot lighting, warehouses, outdoor and indoor sports arenas, signs and more.

We design, provide and install quality and highly efficient LED lighting systems.

Why use C and J Lighting for LED Lighting?

Denver based Chuck Fedor has been in the lighting business for over 30 years as owner and operator of C and J Lighting for over 20 years. Chuck has also been educated in lighting, having attended 3 different lighting schools, and in on going education with another 40+ classes learning the different types of over 2,500 light bulbs as well as the many different types of fixtures and applications.

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