How LED Lighting Saves You Money

Electricity costs are a regular expense in running your business. Budgeting for high electricity costs can cut into your profits if you don’t look at means of cheap and affordable lighting. New innovations in lighting give commercial buildings the opportunity to run a well-lit business space without the high costs of traditional lighting.

Types of Lighting Available

Incandescent Light Bulbs

The Incandescent light bulb is the traditional choice of light bulb. It provides a strong light but wastes a lot of electricity in generating heat instead of focusing on producing the required lighting. This type of product doesn’t last very long and need to be replaced regularly.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLS)

Compact Fluorescent Lamps are spiral shaped lights designed for long life and energy efficiency. They have been a favourite of businesses in the past but tend to not perform as well as LEDS.


LEDS use microchip technology to create a steady and affordable choice of lighting. Though at the time they might cost more than Incandescent light bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Lights in the long run they will save you both time and effort. It has been shown that they last longer, need to be replaced less often and are cheaper to run.

How Are LED Lights More Efficient?

LED lights are more reliable than other forms of lighting. While other lights will switch off and not work any longer when they are overused and worn-out, LED lights will only slightly dim and put out less light. This means you can get more from your money from an LED light than a more outdated form of lighting. They also use all of their energy to produce the light that you need and don’t waste any of it on anything other than its direct purpose. With LED lighting you can save on your energy costs up to 80 percent. With its energy efficiency they are also better for the environment. If your business is conscious of the impact that your business has on the wider community and the world, then investing in LED lighting will ensure you follow your companies vision of playing your part in not overusing our remaining energy sources.

Using LED Lights in your Business

When thinking about setting your business up with LED lighting there are a number of things you need to consider.


The location in your business where the lights are going to be featured can help you decide on the colour of the light, the brightness of the light needed and whether it is outdoors or indoors. All of these can impact on the efficiency of LED lighting if the wrong position is chosen.


If your lighting has been previously designed to suit a different lighting option different fittings might be needed to be installed so you can take advantage of the cost effectiveness of LEDS. The original expense of replacing the fittings will be made up over the years by the effectiveness of this lighting option.

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About the author: Nikki Goethals