What Lights Are Best For Growing Weed Indoors?

What Lights Are Best For Growing Weed Indoors?

First-time cannabis growers might be overwhelmed when confronted with the options for the best lights for growing weed indoors. You may be wondering whether to go the soil or hydro route, and whether or not LED lights are better than HPS lights in your grow room. With so many ways to go about growing cannabis, it is really a matter of personal preference.


Compact Florescent Lights are common, everyday household bulbs you find in any grocery store. Bulbs in the 40-watt range are ideal for growing weed because they put out plenty of light while remaining on the small side. Any more wattage than this and you run the risk of directing too much heat on your plants. Once the cannabis reaches the flowering stage, it’s important to add additional CFLs to fill in any shadowed areas, which naturally puts off even more heat. Err on the side of caution and stick with a soft white bulb in a lower wattage, but have enough on hand to ensure that your plants are getting the optimal amount of light.

HPS Lights

High-pressure Sodium bulbs are a go-to choice for weed growers because they allow the plant to achieve an impressive amount of vertical growth. This is ideal if you have enough space to watch your plants flourish in these conditions. Keep in mind, however, that HPS bulbs are generally used during the flowering phase of production, as the light they emit is not beneficial to the cannabis during its growth phase. Much like CFLs, these lights also radiate heat that is directed onto the plants, meaning you will have to plan for considerable distance between your lighting system and the cannabis to avoid heat damage.

MH Grow Lights

Metal Halide Grow lights promote impressive green vegetative growth because they encourage photosynthesis like no other indoor light. In fact, these bulbs are the closest thing you can get to sunlight indoors, making them a great option for cannabis growers. Because of this, if you can only afford to invest in one type of bulb for your lighting, metal halide is a sure bet when setting up your own system. The blue light emitted from MH Grow lights produces a more compact plant, while super metal halide bulbs pump out 15 percent more lumens than regular bulbs, producing greater yields.

LED Lighting Systems

Growers who want to invest money into their business should consider a professional horticulture lighting system specifically designed for cannabis and similar plants. The latest LED systems replace both high-pressure sodium bulbs and metal halide lights, giving you a single system that is perfect for every stage of growth. This can ultimately save you money in the end. Utilize LED lights in both large-scale and compact growing areas, including setups that feature vertically stacked layers for maximum output. LED bulbs minimize energy consumptions, which is something to consider when growing weed for profit, as the energy costs will affect your bottom line.

Finding the best lights for growing weed indoors is as individual as the grower is, so play around with your setup. Whether you design your own lighting system or opt for a professional one, the choice is yours.

About the author: Chuck Fedor