Parking Lot Lights or Shopping Center Lights

  • Yellow color – high pressure sodium (HPS)
  • White color- Metal halide. (MH)
  • If you want to change from (HPS) to (MH) you have to change transformer
  • Also same wattage on bulb to transformer must match
  • 175 watt lamp needs a 175 watt transformer
  • Example: you cannot operate a 175 watt lamp with a 250 watt transformer
  • Most parking lot lights 175 watt; 250 watt; 400 watt; 1000 watt; 1500 watt
  • New LED’s are coming for parking lot lighting lasting 8 to 10 yrs. Little expensive but tremendous energy savings and long lasting!
  • New LEDs will require no transformer, saving much more money!


Induction lights for parking lot lights and for wall packs (100,000 hours!) – less wattage and no maintenance for 20 years!

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