C and J Lighting, Inc. is a top provider of commercial and industrial lighting solutions in Denver. We are home to some of the highest-quality light bulbs, fixtures, ballasts, and other related products in the Mile High City—all offered at low prices.

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A Business that Helps Your Business

C and J Lighting, Inc. is a local business that helps other businesses. We understand that making lighting decisions for your organization or building is a major decision, not to mention a big purchase. This task means looking for more than just new products and replacements. It also means taking into account the service, maintenance costs, employee satisfaction, and more importantly, customer satisfaction. This is where our light shines brightest above others.

We have a range of lighting options that are not only efficient and affordable but are energy-efficient. This means savings for your organization in the long run. We have worked on hundreds of projects across the Denver area, and we’re proud to share all have been successful.

Past Projects

At C and J Lighting, excellence and reliability are treasured values. You can see this in the numerous commercial lighting projects we have done.
Browse our page and see how our projects helped hundreds of satisfied customers save up to 30% in their lighting expenses and fixture replacements. You can get 60% more light and have a safer work environment when you partner with us.

C and J Lighting, Inc. has hundreds of satisfied customers in the Mile-High City. Join us and be one of our many satisfied clients.

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