Save Energy During the Winter Months

With Thanksgiving and Christmas making this time of year expensive, the last thing you want is energy bills leaving you cold. There are a variety of ways in which to save energy this winter, including some free tips that could save you money on a regular basis. Energy bills will be higher in the winter months, with shorter days and cooling temperatures, but you can combat those increases with these few simple tricks.

Audit your current lighting

Knowing where the increase in energy comes from is essential for coming up with a plan to decrease your energy bills. Take an audit of the bulbs used within your space and any external displays you may have. Throughout winter the use of window and external displays means a lot more light bulbs in use, therefore higher energy bills. Go from room to room and make a list of all the lighting sources both inside and outside your location.

Change your lighting

Energy for lighting accounts for around 10% of energy bills. With the darker mornings and evenings occurring in winter, lights are on even more than usual. Many homes and businesses put up additional lighting, both inside and out, which adds to the energy bills. Switching from your current bulbs and lights to low energy LED light bulbs can save you up to 80% of your previous lighting energy usage. This is quite a savings!

Although the cost for LED bulbs is slightly higher than traditional bulbs, the savings far make up for the investment. LED bulbs also emit no heat, so they are safer to use. Plus they last longer than traditional incandescent lighting options.

Consider investing in solar powered lights for lighting displays, especially  for south facing windows, or external needs to receive the same quality of light but save even more money on your bills.

Once you have made the above changes you should notice a difference from the previous year’s utility costs without having to cut back on your lighting needs. If you need a help choosing the correct lighting, then get in touch with us today, we offer a variety of LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

About the author: Nikki Goethals